Coming Fall 2018- The Dusty Butler Book!!!

Coming Soon: The Dusty Butler novel!

The Dusty Butler is a comedic adventure novel about a bumbling British butler who wants to serve tea to a worthy master. After being exiled from Britain for being too dusty, he stumbles upon the mystical island kingdom of Gruzelund. While exploring Gruzelund, he meets a giant talking cockroach and names him Benji. The newly-named stinker discloses to the Butler that the King of Gruzelund sent him and dozens of others into the wild on a desperate search for a new right hand man. King's former right hand, the late great Wence Widdles, was murdered by a dreadful drabba duck. The drabba ducks were already the sworn enemy of King and his gaggle of greasy geese lords, and with the help of a new right hand he would finally be able to wipe them out for good. 

The Dusty Butler agrees to make the trek across Gruzelund to present himself to King as a candidate for the right hand. He only has 10 days to make it to the capital city of Gorbunkle before a decision is made. Soon others join the quest, including Stenace Plabestry, an animal loving dummy, and the pretentious Professor Joseph Mattress. The journey across Gruzelund is a deadly one. It's fraught with freaky creatures, dangerous obstacles, and the threat of being caught in the cross hairs of the conflict between the drabba ducks and the greasy geese. Yet everything is about to change once the Butler's crew is forced to seek out the help of Buckets, an idealistic drabba duck who will do whatever it takes to prevent Gruzelund from exploding into war.

The Dusty Butler is currently in the editing phase. Stay tuned for publishing updates!

The Dusty Butler meeting his new sidekick, Benji

The Dusty Butler meeting his new sidekick, Benji