Coming Fall 2018- The Dusty Butler Book!!!


For every great King, Lord, Duke or Duchess, there’s a faithful Butler to serve them tea and tasty crumpets. The Dusty Butler was the greatest and dustiest of all butlers. The Dusty Butler has served tea to every high lord in Wisconsin, but he knows that to be the best butler he has to serve tea to the highest master. His quest for butler glory leads him to the mysterious island of Gruzelund, a land filled with talking ducks, stupid peasants, and a King more worthy than any other to be served a blessed cup of Earl Grey.

With the help of his horrible cockroach Benji, a mediocre crew of rappers, and a runaway duck, The Dusty Butler will embark on an epic journey to become King’s butler. Little does he know that this journey will thrust them into the middle of a great battle between King and his army of Greasy Geese Lords and the legendary Drabba Ducks.

Here is a brief bit from the book:

"Mr. Chankers was a jolly man with a belly, and one dimple held captive on his left ventricle. After embracing the Butler, he started to laugh and couldn't stop, until he began to cough because of Dusty's dust. He just kept coughing and coughing until he began to choke, until he fell down and died." -The Dusty Butler, chapter 3.

Stay tuned for a GO FUND ME announcement coming June 2018!

First cover design LOL

First cover design LOL