Hezekiah Jim

The magical jamaican horseman Hezekiah Jim comes to visit the British inhabitants in South Africa who are having a tea party. "Ya mon, mi neim is Hezekiah, and I've come to ruin everyting" said Jimmy Jim Jim to the Brits. Hezekiah very quickly (and quietly) spanks his horse Juniper on the bummer, jacks all cadillacs, and shoots the owner with a 45 magnum. He also pours their tea into their cummerbunds and shanks the bus boy. The constable of the party catches word of Hezekiah's wiles and sends the bobbies down to cut off Jim's dreads, but fortunately Hezekiah's horse Juniper has the magic to fly away to the magical "Garden of Goodness and Hot Women" and anyone's allowed in unless someone has stolen your tea.