C'mon Billy, Let's Rise

"C'mon Billy, let's rise" cried the crier to Billy at intervals. "I don't want anything to do with these shenanagans, I'm just a baker- a baker of breads and five bucks to spare, let me go back!" wailed Billy. "Naww! We got gortles to grundle and ferns to fry, but we gotta rise." shrilled Shrilly the shriller. "I CAN'T I WOULDN'T I SHAN'T!" bellowed Billy as he passed out into oblivion. He dreamed he was floating on a cloud of flour over a field of baguettes and bagels. He rode a baker's tray through gardens and up into the market, and he nearly reached his blessed Petunia when his dream was cut short- "C'mon Billy, let's rise."